Powered Paraglider Training


Kite Enterprises teaches powered paragliding to pilots with a USHGA PARA2 rating and their own motor unit. Classes  are conducted primarily at Indian Creek Airpark about 40 miles north-east of Dallas at Nobility, Texas.

A course of powered paraglider instruction is $300 and includes up to 2 lessons. If the powered paraglider was purchased from Kite Enterprises, instruction comes with the powered paraglider.

Many schools teach flying a powered paraglider in the most abbreviated form possible as their goal is to sell power units, not to teach pilots to fly paragliders safely. Since there is  no requirement for a rating to purchase or fly a powered paraglider, this approach is possible, but not in the best interests of the student.

There is a saying that paragliding is easy to learn but difficult to master. This saying goes doubly for flying a paraglider with a motor. If a pilot flies only early in the morning or late in the day in light winds, then a powered paraglider is relatively forgiving. However... One of the really enjoyable things for which a powered paraglider can be used is to gain altitude for thermalling in the middle of the day. The USHGA considers the PARA2 rating to be the minimum reasonable qualifications for mid-day flight. The pilot should know how to do parachute landing falls, reserve deployments, how to land safely in turbulence, and how to descend through strong lift. (Being sucked into a cloud can ruin your whole day.)

Kite Enterprises prepares you for this level of flight in the NOVICE or PARA2 training package.

Then you are ready to learn to fly with a power unit.


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For more information, call 972-390-9090 or email to Dave Broyles