Learn to fly Paragliders with KiteEnterprises

Kite Enterprises teaches hang gliding and paragliding on the weekends, using the Scooter Tow stationary winch. Classes usually start at 8 AM or 9 AM depending on the time of year and the weather, and are conducted primarily at Indian Creek Airpark about 40 miles north-east of Dallas at Nobility, Texas. See directions on the lessons page

A single 4-5 hour lesson is $225.

The Intro Package is $350. It consists of an introductory ground school and 2 lessons. In these lessons, you will learn parachute landing falls, (PLFs), the basics of laying out a paraglider, preflighting the paraglider and putting on the harness. You will learn the basics of ground handling and kiting the canopy overhead. You will complete three close to the ground paraglider flights under tow with the scooter tow system.

The Novice package price is $1750 for up to 12 lessons. This package is planned to bring a student to a novice rating. The novice rating, also called the PARA 2 is considered to be the minimum rating necessary for a pilot to fly on his own without direct supervision of an instructor. The $350 cost of the Intro Package is rolled into the cost of the Novice package.

Equipment requirements:

For the first lesson, The paraglider student is expect to show up in long pants (jeans are fine), and running shoes or lightweight hiking boots and have a pair of light leather gloves. All flying gear will be supplied.

As the student progresses, he/she is expected to start acquiring flying gear. A harness with a reserve parachute will be necessary for the student's first high flights in thermalling conditions. It is also very valuable for the student to finish training on his/her own glider.

Lessons will be primarily via Scooter Tow, but at least one lesson will be from a slope flying site. Murcheson Middle School in Austin is the site most often used for the student's first slope  flights. Fees related to flying at these sites will be the responsibility of the student.

Lessons are by appointment. The Student should call 972-390-9090 to make an appointment for a lesson. Students will also be expected to call 972-390-9090, (press 4) the evening before the lesson or before 7 AM on the morning of the lesson to determine the weather conditions, as rain or strong winds will cause the lesson to be postponed. A message should be left on the voice mail so we will know you have called. A lesson will not be scheduled unless the student confirms that he/she will attend. Students who fail to show for confirmed lessons will be charged for an extra day of instruction.

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For more information, call 972-390-9090 or email to Dave Broyles