Directions to Indian Creek Flight Park

Coming from  Dallas

Go north on US75 towards McKinney

Go 4.1 miles past SR380 on US75 to SR121 North exit

Exit on SR121 North, and go 13.7 miles NE to SR 160.

Turn right on SR160 and go south for approximately 1/2 mile to SR78.

Turn left on SR78 towards Leonard.

Go 1.9 miles on SR78 to Nobility which is a very small town consisting of about 3 houses and some mobile homes.

In the center of Nobility, turn left on FM4910 to the north.

Go north about .55 miles on FM4910, (the road zigs left and right) until you hit a T intersection.

Turn right at the T intersection and go about 1/4 mile.

The road will turn left, but there is a gate on the right. You are there.


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