Turn Around Pulleys



How to use a turn around pulley.


When scooter towing, for training and for use with the retrieval winch, the rope is run through a turn around pulley attached to a 3 ft long earth anchor or a car bumper stationed 2000' away from the winch.


If using a pulley, the operator should realize that an elastic rope such as Dacron or nylon has an enormous recoil at the pulley when the pilot releases and there is even some recoil with Spectra. This means that if there is anything that the rope can hang on at the pulley, it will, including the top of the turnaround pulley. Hanging the rope on something at the turn around pulley will usually ruin a length of rope. On the other hand, Spectra will usually rip up the pulley or what ever it hangs on. It is important to protect the rope and the pulley from rope recoil by wrapping duct tape around the top of the pulley so that there is nothing for the rope to catch on. So don't forget the duct tape.

The real value of the snatch block is that it allows the pulley to be put on the middle of the 4000 ft rope rather than at one end, but it is also possible to replace the snatch block, swivel and hook with a triangular aluminum 3/8" plate with a hole for a carabiner to reduce the chance of the rope snagging on the pulley.


This pulley is available from Kite-Enterprises for $175 plus freight.


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